GigaByke Groove $1399


giga-byke-redGigaByke Groove

Range you will love; power you will feel

The most advanced, powerful, and comfortable electric bike in the world. Backed by an industry leading 750w motor and 48v 14Ah battery, you’ll accelerate fast and cruise for up to 35 miles on a single charge. With its low profile design and extra wide handlebars, no matter if you’re pedaling or cruising, you’ll be riding in style and in comfort. Built with hydraulic front disc brakes, an extra long cushy seat and high visibility LED turn signals and headlight, you’ll be sure to commute more comfortably and safer than any traditional bike around. In Arizona, no license, no registration. Enjoy the freedom to ride when you want, where you want!


See and be seen

Light up, day or night with the Groove’s high visibility LED turn signals and head light. The only E-scooter on the market with LED lights!

Feel good

Whether you’re commuting to school, work, or the corner store, the extra-long padded leather seat will make sure your ride is always a pleasure. The Groove’s ergonomics are designed for optimal seat height, seat hip position and foot rest for a comfortable upright riding position that feels good.

Stop on a dime

You won’t find cheap cable wire brakes here! The Groove is fitted with the stopping power of a hydraulic front disc brake system.

No gas, no license, no registration

The GigaByke Groove is the ultimate freedom fighters. With its pedals and 20 MPH maximum speed, in Arizona, the GigaByke requires no license, no registration. Ride free of the cost and restrictions of it all!

Motor Power  750 Watts
Battery Type  Silicon Lead Acid
Battery Range  35 miles
Battery Capacity  14 Ah
Voltage  48 V
Maximum Speed  20 mph
Wheelbase  45 inches
Tire Size  16 x 3 inches
Dimensions  64.7 inches long x 24.4 inches wide x 39.7 inches high
Front Suspension Telescopic forks
Rear Suspension Dual shock
Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Drum
Maximum Load  250 lbs
Seating Capacity  2 people
MSRP $1,399