GoGo Gear

GoGo Gear is highly fashionable protective riding apparel

Motorcycle and scooter jackets no longer have to be unattractive! Harley Davidson or Vespa, motorcycle or scooter, biker men or women, scooter girl or guy, GoGo Gear brings fashion to protective, armored, abrasion resistant riding gear and accessories including Kevlar jeans, Kevlar armored hoodies and MORE!

President and CEO Arlene Battishill created Los Angeles-based GoGo Gear to provide scooterists with chic alternatives to traditional riding gear. Arlene combined her educational and corporate experience to undertake an exhaustive R&D effort resulting in GoGo Gear, the groundbreaking line of modish safety apparel.

GoGo Gear is the first fashionable protective riding apparel for today’s scooterist on the go. The line comprises cutting-edge outerwear with robust interior engineering that includes abrasion-resistant fabric, quality CE-approved armor in the back, shoulders and elbows, and highly reflective details.

Our 360 line of casual reversible outerwear includes reflective materials visible from all angles. 360 is the quintessential commuter line: a stylish wardrobe piece by day that reverses for maximum visibility in low-light conditions.

GoGo Gear for Men’s Military Jacket

GoGo Gear for Women’s Trench Jacket

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