Let’s Talk About Pressure

Tire pressure is the most important pre-ride inspection point. At the very least you should try to inspect and fill you tires every two weeks in the winter and monthly in the Summer. Low tire pressure can cause a loss of control, flat tires, poor gas mileage, and low performance. Standard tire pressure on most scooters is 25-35 psi in the front and 30-40 psi in the rear.

How do you know for sure what the right tire pressure is? Look in your owner’s manual or on the sticker on your scooter. Where not to look? At the side of your tire. The pressure on the tire is the maximum you want to ever put in the tire, not the right pressure. The owner’s manual and sticker pressures are calculated by the engineers who engineered your scooter and are chosen for the right combination of performance, comfort, and safety.

Pressure can be personalized for a softer or harder ride and the rear should be raised by 5psi when riding a passenger to maintain performance characteristics. You are always welcome stop by Scoot Over for a FREE tire and pressure inspection. Compressed air can also be found at most gas stations and it is the same air hose your car uses. Unfortunately, they often charge for it and you will usually need an air pressure gauge (pick one up here for $4). Scoot Over also offers a huge selection of economy, performance, and whitewall tires to keep your scooter looking great, and performing well. Please call our team of Scooter Specialists at 520.323.9090 with any questions, or to schedule an in store service, scooter pick-up/drop -off, or Mobile Service.