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Accessories and Apparel

Getting a scooter is just part of the fun! There are plenty of accessories available to personalize your ride, make it haul more stuff, or make it go fast!

Popular accessories we carry:

Scooter with crash bars and luggage and windshield Scooter with crash bars and luggage and windshield


Scooters are perfect for running errands or commuting. We sell front and rear racks for most models, and baskets to mount on the racks. You'd be surprised how many bags of groceries you can squeeze onto a scooter!


Saddle bags, Helmet bags, hard cases, and messenger bags help you conveniently carry your items while protecting them from the elements.


Keep the bugs out of your teeth and your hair perfectly coiffed!


Shiny chrome bars add bling to your scoot, while adding protection from tip-over damage.


We carry all kinds of helmets from Full-Face to Modular to 3/4 to Half Helmets in a wide variety of colors and styles to complement your scootering lifestyle while keeping you safe. We carry helmets from Nolan, KBC, Fulmer, and Helmet City in a price and a style to fit you!

Jackets and gloves

We carry a wide variety of protective jackets to keep you scooting safe. You can choose from the top of the line Vanson leather and mesh jackets (which can be custom made), or Corazzo's scooterist wear, First Gear, or Strength and Speed. We have warm-weather gear for those cool winter days and mesh for the Summertime rides.

Helmets, Gloves, Jackets


Keep your baby clean and dry, cup holders for your morning coffee, chrome license plate frames, logo valve stem covers, you name it!


Want to turn your tame little scooter into a savage beast? Want to beat sports cars off the line (for a few seconds at least)? We've got the parts to hop up your scooter's engine and tweak every last bit of power out of it. Big bore cylinder kits, flashy and cool sounding exhausts, carb kits, kevlar belts, roller weights, transmission upgrades, and many other items are available to boost power. We also carry performance shocks and tires to improve handling.

If you're a gearhead, you can buy your accessories here and put them on yourself. Or, you can have our expert service department install them for you!