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May Day Rally 2010

Speedy Meta

Riding in Pride 2009

Riding In Pride 09

Jerry Diaz, Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, ready to ride in downtown Tucson Gay Pride Parade

A Stella(r) Outing

Stellas at the Mission

Downtown Tucson Parade of Lights 2008

Brandon on the way to the parade

Brandon on the way to the parade

Getting ready

Getting Ready

Getting ready

Merry Scooter

Getting ready

Old school

Howard in decorating mode

Matthew and Megan hosted again!

DOT and Snell Approved

DOT and Snell Approved

Scootering Bliss

Sokolowski Surprise!

4 bags of groceries in a Grand Vista

Fall Classic Rally 2004

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It's all smiles at this event

Need a ride?

Perhaps they're having too much fun?

Even scooters need some "great outdoors" time

Happy Customers!

Ownership Pride

Some of our many friends

Liz, Lee & Lola


Sean Sullivan

Page Williamson

Mike Bader

Anthony Schroeder

Sarah Kramer

Sharon and Holly

Patrick Powers